Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bubble Writing

Last week, Room 6 had a lot of fun experimenting with bubbles! We then wrote stories about our learning experience. Here is a selection of stories from some of the children. Fantastic creative pieces of published writing!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Frosty Mornings!

This week, we have had a few very chilly mornings! One morning, we all arrived at school with frozen hail pieces outside our classroom door and around the school. A couple of the boys in Room 6 decided to go for an ice hunt and came back in with their ice trophies!


To show our learning about Science, we have been designing Pic-Collages. Here is Ivanah's and Caridy's creative pieces! Caridy created one about how we put cream into a jar and shook it until it turned into butter. Ivanah created one about our egg and vinegar experiment. We put an egg into a jar of vinegar and left it for a few days. Then the egg shell dissolved and we had a rubbery egg! 

Fantastic work girls! 

Science Experiments

Over the past few weeks, Room 6 have been involved in a range of Science experiments that are all based around our unit of AKO unit of 'Change'. We have learnt how to form an hypothesis and method. This week we also dissolved Epsom Salts to create art paintings. When the paintings dried, we could see the crystals! Here is a snapshot of some of the different projects we have been working on!